Patris Health - C-reactive protein home test for self-testing
C-Reactive Protein Home Test
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C-Reactive Protein Home Test


The Patris Health CRP Home Test is a patented, clinically validated and certified medical diagnostic test for semi-quantitative determination of C-Reactive Protein concentration in a finger capillary blood.

Based on the CRP level, you will be able to determine whether inflammation is occurring somewhere in your body. The analysis will take you 10 minutes.

You can truly rely on the test. It is 98.94% accurate and used worldwide for over 10 years. It is manufactured in France according to ISO13485 and approved by the European authorities for self-testing.

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Essential information about the Patris Health® CRP Home Test

The Patris Health® CRP Home Test detects C-Reactive Protein, a non-specific marker used to diagnose infection or inflammation in the body. You perform the analysis yourself in 10 minutes with one drop of blood from a fingertip.

Patris Health - C-Reactive Protein Self-Test Kit

A certified CRP blood test for self-testing.

Frequently asked questions about the Patris Health® C-Reactive Protein Blood Test

The test kit includes:

  • one testing device,
  • one diluent buffer,
  • two micro-pipettes for blood transfer,
  • two lancets to puncture a fingertip,
  • one alcohol pad to disinfect the puncture site,
  • detailed instructions for use with the illustrative step-by-step testing procedure.

Note: You need only one pipette and one lancet to perform the test. Extra one pipette and one lancet are included in the kit as spare parts if you need them to complete the testing procedure successfully.

Yes, the colour intensity of the test lines is essential for the interpretation of the result. Based on the colour intensity of test lines, you determine C-Reactive Protein concentration in the blood.

If, for any reason, the test device does not work, please take a photo of it, and send it to us by email at [email protected]

Please note: Our tests are straightforward and designed for non-professionals. Errors happen when individuals do not follow instructions for use strictly. You must not skip any step of the testing procedure, and you must respect the exact quantity of blood and testing solution and time. The test kit comes with illustrated and explanatory instructions for use. If you follow them, you will not have any difficulties.

Yes, testing is effortless. You need to collect a drop of blood from your fingertip, mix it with a testing solution and add the mixture to the testing device.

Individuals usually need about 5 minutes to perform the analysis. Then there is a 5-minute waiting time for the result.

No, no special training is required. The test kit includes step-by-step instructions for use that guide you through the testing procedure.

Our CRP test is semi-quantitative. It will not show the exact concentration of C-Reactive Protein in your body, but it will show the range in which your CRP levels is. 

Results are classified into four ranges:

  • CRP concentration is lower than 8 mg/L.
  • CRP concentration is in the range of 8 to 40 mg/L.
  • CRP concentration is in the range of 40 to 100 mg/L.
  • CRP concentration is higher than 100 mg/L.

Well, it depends on the physician. Perhaps they will want to repeat the test on their own. Nevertheless, our CRP test is the same rapid test as physicians use. Such tests are used worldwide for many years already.

What are the benefits of using our CRP Home Test?

C-reactive protein is a non-specific marker used in medicine to diagnose or control inflammatory conditions, let it be a consequence of infection, injury, surgery, chronic inflammatory conditions, diseases etc.

Here are few benefits our CRP Home Test offers:

  • You do it yourself: Your carry out the analysis by yourself at home. There is no need to send a sample in the laboratory or visit a doctor office to perform the test.
  • It is fast: Testing takes only 10 minutes of your time, 5 minutes for the analysis and 5 minutes waiting time for the result.
  • It is easy: No special training is required. Test kits are designed for non-professionals. Even if you do not have any experience with self-testing, you will be able to perform the analysis flawlessly. Explanatory step-by-step instructions will guide you throughout the testing procedure.
  • It is accurate and reliable: You can trust the result. The test is clinically validated and used worldwide for over 10 years.
Patris Health - Monitoring CRP Level at Home

Accuracy and Reliability of the CRP Home Test

The test is highly accurate. Our CRP test showed the same results as laboratory tests in 98.94% of cases in a clinical evaluation study.

Moreover, it is very reliable. It is based on proven technology and is in use in clinical settings for over 10 years.

The Patris Health® CRP Home Test is manufactured in France with premium materials according to ISO13485. It is CE0483 certified in Germany and approved for home use by the European authorities.

Patris Health - Certificates of the CRP Home Test

Effortless and Painless Self-Testing at Home.

Testing procedure

Our CRP blood test requires finger capillary blood (whole blood). The test kit includes all the accessories you need to collect a blood sample (a drop of blood).

  1. Draw a drop of blood from a fingertip.
  2. Mix the blood with the testing solution.
  3. Add the mixture to the test device.

Then you wait 5 minutes for the result.

The test kit comes with detailed instructions for use. Follow the procedure exactly as instructed, and you will not have any difficulties performing the analysis.

Patris Health - Ilustration of a CRP testing procedure

Interpretation of the results

The C-Reactive Protein Home Test is semi-quantitative. Results are interpreted visually and enable the classification of CRP concentration in one of four ranges.

CRP level is lower than 8 mg/L: This result means that there is neither infection nor inflammation.

CRP level is in the range of 8 to 40 mg/L: There could be some inflammatory process in your body. You should consult your doctor for further investigation.

CRP level is in the range of 40 to 100 mg/L: There is probably viral or bacterial infection developing in your body. You must consult your doctor.

CRP level higher than 100 mg/L: There might be severe inflammation or infection in your body. You need to consult your doctor urgently.

Important: Besides infections, there might be other conditions causing inflammation in your body. You should always consult your doctor and interpret results in the light of other relevant symptoms.

Patris Health - Possible results of a semi-quantitative CRP Home Test

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